Client Testimonials

We are honored to have provided improvements in the lives of our clients. These are but a few of the testimonials we have been privileged to receive.

Thank you does not nearly say enough of how much I appreciate how well I was taken care of at DTS. Your attention to the whole person, support of my goals, interests and lifestyle, and the friendly comfortable atmosphere at the center all contributed to my success. A very big Thank you!


I have recommended DTS Inc to anyone I know who needed PT. Thanks to the staff I was able to determine that I needed surgery and quickly recovered. I have learned to make changes in my everyday life to help prevent future issues.



Leah did a great job teaching me about what was the root cause of my pain and problems, and showed me the proper way to deal with these problems. I am very satisfied with the level of care, knowledge and explanation regarding my rehab program both in the office and my home program. Thank you for providing top notch service.


I received terrific care at the practice. I regained full mobility and continue to do the exercises on my own.