An Overview of Graston Technique

To address restrictions and improve tissue mobility, the therapists at DTS are now trained to incorporate Graston Techniques along with traditional hands-on therapy and specific, individualized exercise programs. Graston incorporates specialized hand guided stainless instruments to specific areas to assist in pain relief and tissue recovery. Research has demonstrated a more rapid return to desired activities with the use of the Graston Technique.

Graston may be indicated in many inflammatory and overuse conditions such as Achilles tendonosis/itis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical sprain/strain (neck pain), lateral epicondylosis/itis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), lumbar strain/ pain (low back pain), patella-femoral pain/ disorders (knee pain), plantar fasciitis (foot pain), shoulder pain and disorders, shin splints, scar tissue, and women’s health issues.

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