Reopening Policy & Procedures

Virus Avoidance Workplace Policy and Procedures
Effective Date: 5-28-2020

Policy objective: to minimize the risk of exposure, illness or spread of viral infections among
staff and patients as well as preserving the essential functions of the clinic. This will be
accomplished through the following procedures:
Physical changes to the office include:
● Use of high efficiency air filters, increased outdoor air ratio, increased fan level to ensure
optimal air quality in the office.
● Screening area to be located outside of the office to ensure all who enter are safe and
have not knowingly engaged in exposure activity via temperature check and answering
specific questions around health and exposure. This form will be dated and initialled by
both the therapist and the patient.
● Provision of hand sanitizer, masks, touch free trash receptacles, tissues, hand washing
area and disposable towels for drying.
● Treatment areas located at least 10’ apart to ensure social distancing with separate
equipment and supplies that will not be shared between cleaning. Each area will” be
thoroughly cleaned between use.
● Barrier in front of Jaimes’ desk to eliminate droplet spread.
● Elimination of the waiting room option. If it is necessary that a parent join in a session
they will participate in the same screening process and accompany their child while
remaining in the treatment area.
Administrative Changes to DTS include:
● All paperwork to be completed online prior to first visit
● Copays to be done touch free
● Signage regarding our policy and requirement that all who enter wear a mask and
provision of PPE if required.
● All patients will wait in their cars until called/texted that their therapist is ready to meet
them outside of the office.
● Completion of question list and temperature checks to be done with your therapist before
entering the clinic.
● Any patient or staff member with a temperature above 99 degrees, apparent respiratory
symptoms or a positive answer to the screening questions will be asked to go home and
follow up with a medical professional if appropriate.
Cleaning Protocol within Clinic includes:
● All therapists and patients will wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon
entering the clinic.
● Each work area will have its own supplies that will not be shared.
● Each work area and associated supplies will be thoroughly cleaned with a product
compliant with CDC guidelines between each patient.
● Staff and patients will wash hands during the session if needed and upon completion of
the treatment session.
● All commonly touched areas such as door handles, keyboards, faucet handles and
phones will be cleaned every hour.
During your Treatment Session you should expect:
● That both you and your therapist will be masked.
● To be asked not to touch anything between the entrance to our clinic and your treatment
● To continue to receive high quality therapy services in a safe and protected manner.